Manalapan, NJ

As a self-classified "foodie" and a health conscious person, I care about the foods I eat. I try not to use artificial ingredients, so when I found Nektar Honey Crystals, I fell in love! To have the ability to easily use honey with me anywhere I go was a huge plus. I even put them in my water during bike races.


Los Angeles, CA

I often like to experiment with different foods and spices when BBQing. A few months ago I came across Nektar Honey Crystals and though I would give it a try on some steaks and salmon. I was blown away by the taste. Once heated, it formed a nice glaze. The convenience of sprinkling a packet on top was huge.


Dancing with the Stars Pro

I love using Nektar Honey Crystals in my tea, oatmeal, when I'm cooking or even making salad dressing! Since I'm on the road a lot, there is no easier way to carry honey with me than Nektar Honey Crystals. I just thrown them in my purse, console of my car, or my dance bag. The taste is delicious and the best part is there is no sticky mess!

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